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The goal of this war is for the teams to hit the opponent church, the bulls eye being Saint Mark's bell and Virgin Mary Erithianis clock...

The first one is the North side and the latest is the South side. Every person present must choose a side and support one of the shooting teams. At the end, the winner side is the one who managed to hit the other side church the most.

The official beginning of the war is 8 pm on Easter’s Eve but actually you can hear rockets flying from 4 or 5 pm. Indeed, the teams come early in the afternoon to settle the launching pads and they make tryouts, to see if the rockets fly in the right direction.

At 7.50pm, the bells of the churches ring and the war can start: each team shoot a wave of rockets every twenty or thirty minutes until 11.30 pm. sometimes they shoot the rockets altogether, but there’s no risk for one of them to be hurt because they are located a way that they hit the churches but not the other teams. So the safer place might be just behind the launching pads. And, if ever a fire is lit somewhere, there’s a halt in the war so that the firemen can safely put it out.

At midnight towards the end of the war, the teams launch rockets in a continuous way and that is the moment when the churches get the most damage. In addition to that, the inhabitants from Vrontados also launch colored fireworks and bangers. The result is nice, but it’s quite a messy noise.

When the bells ring at 12 pm, every one wishes “Happy Easter” to his neighbor and go home to have a big meal.

by Aurelie (France)