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Where does the war take place?

Saturday Easter, close to 8 p.m., you can already feel the tension in the air and at the same time smell the joy in the air, no people in the streets, something is going to happen!

I heard about it, something really amazing takes place on this island every year, the 5th biggest island in the Aegean Sea of Greece, called Chios. You can find it in the map very close to Turkey, in the eastern part of the Greek archipelago. You will get there after 8 hours of sailing from Athens. But the event takes place in only one specific place on the island, we are talking about one small village on the island, where Homer wrote his poems, as the legend says. VRONTADOS. The name derives from two greek words: VRONDA + EDO, which translates as THUNDERS + HERE, the reason is easily deductible. The small village is situated 6 km north from the main city of Chios, where the commercial harbor can be found, the main economic resource of the island.

But let's go closer to the real battle camp… two churches separated by one small valley. One of the churches… Agios Markos, in English called Saint Markos is situated a bit higher. It is  located easily because of its typical Greek blue roofs and white walls. It can call its nice bizantine bell tower the biggest of the village.

On the other side: the church of Panagia Erithiani, in English Virgin Mary Erithiani. It seems more discreet with a really nice square decorated with small stones from the beach forming geometrical shapes and shaded by the orange trees that are so typical for the Mediterranean Sea. Its bell tower is smaller, but not less nicer, with a different art influence maybe originating in the arabic archictecture.